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Real Estate Signs by DeeSign

As an California independent real estate agent, it is vital to have real estate signage that builds your personal brand and helps you stand out from the crowd.

As the leading provider of custom real estate signs in the U.S., Dee Sign understands the unique challenges of operating as an independent real estate agent. That’s why we do more than just provide a full line of independent real estate signs at competitive prices. We also offer a seamless online ordering process that makes it quick and simple to order the signage you need to market your listings and your business with style and flair.

Image and professional quality is important. Each of our products allow you to work with our artists to accurately represent your brand and create a look and feel that home buyers are looking for. Our Yard signs and frames (or Complete Signs) allow you to purchase the frame you need with the sign panel that fits inside it.

Digital printing has evolved but in the past it was difficult for sign manufacturers to do it on a large sign. DeeSign has made heavy investments in order to stay on the cutting edge of digital printing and as a result we are able to create beautiful signs in a million colors. This is especially helpful for Independent Realtors trying to get noticed.

Independent Real Estate Agent Signs for Every Need

Eye-catching yard signs are essential for capturing the attention of customers and drive-bys. Dee Sign’s extensive catalog of independent real estate yard signs includes:
18 models of “slip-in” yard signs
4 different models of bolt-in metal yard signs
Pinnacle signs with special cutout panel
Lightweight polyethylene sign units

We also offer a wide assortment of:

Hanging panel signs – screen printed and in full-color digital
Full-color open house and directional signs in a variety of styles and shapes
Two-color stock open house and directional signs for those on a tight budget
Agent name, custom copy and photo riders
Low-cost corrugated signs

Built to Last

The main thing that separates us from our competition is quality. We understand and maximize the lifespan of a sign so that it works for you longer without fading, scratching, etc. Real estate signs face many hazards, including weather, that can take a toll on their appearance and usability. We build durability into every sign we make, using many different materials that enable our signs to last from 12 to 36 months - even in harsh environments. These include: Thick tempered hardboard, Steel, Aluminum, reflective aluminum with zinc undercoating, Polyethylene (with a choice of thickness), and DuraBond. We also offer brightly colored feather and pennant flags for enhanced visual appeal.

Dee Sign makes colorful, eye-catching signs for every real estate need. From yard signs, steel sign frames and swing posts to feather flags, LED window displays, corrugated directional signs and more, our durable signage helps market your listings in dynamic fashion while meeting the needs of your agents and your clients.

Fast, Easy Online Ordering

With Dee Sign, ordering your independent real estate signs is fast and easy with our convenient online ordering process.

Design, proof and order your signage online
Factory direct shipping provides the fastest turnaround times in the industry
Review and approve a full-sized drawing and coordinated color samples before we print your signs

The #1 Choice in Real Estate Signs

A third-generation family business, we’ve been producing custom independent real estate agent signs for 50 years, building quality and innovation into every sign.

We use rugged steel angle frames that feature our patented "No Bolts, No Screws" slip-in design, making it easy to assemble your signs without the need for hardware. Our digital printing technique can print your image directly onto the sign material, resulting in higher resolution and more color options than with traditional screen printing.

We also offer a variety of LED display options to create a modern, dynamic look and feel inside your office. Ideal for storefront displays, these options include:
Scalable two-sided panels for window displays
Mobile/adjustable stand with rotating base
Full wall-mounted display solutions
A-frame pyramid displays that can be situated anywhere in your office.
Inter-panel fixture systems for portrait, landscape and mixed formats

When you need real estate sign accessories to complement your professional signage, we’ve got you covered with everything from Supra lock boxes to sign hardware and our "ultimate" brochure box.

Call Dee Sign for all your independent real estate sign needs, and let us become a partner in your success!



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