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  • 1. Navigation

    The first thing you'll want to do is find the "franchise" that has the signs you need. Visit the SHOP BY BRAND link. If you are a realtor with a big company you can find your company name. Some companies have multiple stores that offer different selections. Some franchises are specially designed for real estate companies on the west coast. We have a secondary location that we can manufacture and ship signs out of. The closer you are to the location your signs will be shipped from the faster you will receive them. Therefore it's important to start from the right franchise.

    All of the products on our homepage as well as the products in the dropdown menu link to our Independent franchise. Use this if your company does not have a customized online store on our site. We also have catalogs available on our homepage as well as some logos of some of the major real estate brands that link to our selection of customized products for that brand. If you would like more information about our company, our services, or our process, use the home dropdown menu. There are great resources there, whether you're new to real estate signs and need to learn some terminology, or whether you're seasoned and want to brush up on the different material choices.

    2. Product Selection

    We have a vast number of products to help you sell your real estate listings. Our main focus is real estate signs but you can also find brochure boxes, magnetic car signs, decals, vinyl stickers, lock boxes and now we also carry a line of very sleek backlit displays that you can use in windows, floors (we sell different stands), and table tops. We have feather flags that are 7 and 11 feet tall that securely stake into the ground. QR code products let home buyers scan your sign and get automatically taken to the online listing. The Product menu will give you the main categories available to the franchise you're currently viewing. If you're inside a main category it will display to the right of the product menu, giving you subcategory options within that category of products. This allows you to easily see where you're at and narrow down your browsing.

    You can also click on the magnifying glass to the far right. This is the search option. It will bring up a box where you can type in a search. Our search engine is designed to actually navigate you to the category or product you're looking for. For example, if you type in the name of your company and "feather flag" it will automatically take you that selection, if it exists. Our search engine is still in the early stages of development which simply means it is always getting smarter.

    3. Configure Options

    Once you choose a product you'll most often see a quantity price break table. This is our main source of discounting our prices while still providing higher quality materials. For example, if you order 3 or more signs you'll be charged according to the 3 pricing. If you buy 6 or more you'll get the 6 pricing, etc. The more you buy the more the cost per unit is reduced.

    On the right you'll see a panel that will have the current price according to the quantity selected. Please note that many products have a minimum quantity. The system will not allow you to go below this. You can change your quantity and if there are material choices, color choices, etc. you'll see your options in this area. If given the choice of materials you must select a material to proceed.

    4. Design

    Customizing signs, as well as other great features, requires you to have an account. Signing up for an account is very easy and takes only a couple minutes. If the product that you're looking at needs to be customized you'll get a sign up button if you aren't signed into your account. Currently our designers use Adobe Flash to display. Most computers come with this preinstalled. However if you don't have it you can go to this link:

    Simply fill out the form on the right to personalize your sign. There will be a button to first save your information. After you save it then another button will appear, allowing you to add the personalized item to your cart. In a number of states you are required to display your realtor license number on the sign. Check with your state regulations. Dee Sign is not responsible for any fees or fines incurred by agents. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and phone numbers are correct. Different franchises tend to have a preference about using dots or dashes in their phone number. Most previews prefer that you enter only the number itself and will automatically format it according to your company's standards.

    5. Cart

    The shopping cart will show you all the items you intend to purchase, price, quantity, and total of each line item. You can click the x to the right to remove a line item for an unwanted product. The image shown here will not be ther personalized version of the sign you created but rather the standard image of the model you chose. We still have the personalization options you entered.

    The shopping cart also allows you to enter a valid promo code if you are eligible for a discount on your purchase. There are different types of promotions. Some require that you have a certain item in your cart in order for your order to be eligible. If your promo code doesn't follow the rules and restrictions it cannot be honored.

    The bottom row of the cart shows your shipping profile and allows you modify it. This information helps us to be able to calculate your shipping information and taxes and stores it in your account so that you don't have to keep entering it.

    The right side of the cart give you navigation options for where you might want to go next. You can go back to the category you were in before, go back other items you recently viewed, or check out the 3 best sellers for the franchise.

    6. Checkout

    Checkout will try to get as much information as it can from your account. We do not store credit card information for your protection so in most cases this is all that you need to enter if everything else is correct. Some users will have other options. You can click on Credit Card to select it and fill in the information if it's not currently open. You can also open the Saved Info panel and change which address in your account you'd like to use for billing. Shipping information comes from your Shipping Profile, accessible here and in 'My Account'. You can also add notes to your order as well as your customer number if you have one assigned to you.

    Everything else should be straight forward. If Tax and Freight is available for your order it will be displayed along with any discounts you received. If there is any vital information that we need the form will not let you proceed. Make sure the email address is one that you can check and one that we can send to because that's where you'll get your order confirmation. Your order is not submitted until you see a thank you page with a green check mark. Your credit card will not be charged at this time. Credit Cards are not charged until you have been notified of all charges and your order is ready to be processed by one of our customer service representatives.

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